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Law Office of Brent R. Cole, P.C. 

Like no other place on earth, living and working in Alaska combines the conveniences of the modern age with the freedom and adventure of a vast, unspoiled wilderness. The legal issues facing Alaskans are unlike anywhere in the lower 48. The Law Office of Brent R. Cole, P.C. is here to serve Alaskans facing unique legal challenges. 
Civil Litgation



As counsel to our clients, our goal is to avoid litigation whenever possible by aggressive and focused attention early on in the suit. However, when litigation becomes unavoidable, our lawyers provide creative, results-oriented, resourceful and cost-effective problem-solving assistance.





Aviation Law



We represent hard working guides and outfitters all over the State in a number of legal matters including incorporating, licensing, permitting, and complainace. Whether you are growing your operation or just need help with permitting, we can help. You need to focus on taking your next client on the adventure of a lifetime. Let us deal with the rest.

Aviation law is a broad, multi-faceted, and highly regulated field. From personal injury to licensing, from airline transactions to a pilot’s right to fly, we have the experience and dedication to meet your goals. The Law Office  of Brent R. Cole, P.C. is also part of the AOPA legal plan.

Criminal Law




The firm represents clients in misdameanor and felony matters in both State and Federal Court. Matters include game violations and DUIs to complex federal crimes. We can help you with your case and ensure your fair treatment. 

Business Law


In business, disputes are inevitable. The right firm can help keep costs associated with litigation stay down by managing and resolving cases efficiently. We can help you and your business in areas ranging from complex commercial and business litigation to tort claims and contracts.

Fish and Game Matters






If you are an Alaskan, chances are you like to hunt, fish or both. With ever-changing hunting and fishing regulations, avoiding run-ins with the State Troopers can be difficult. Whether you are being investigated for an alleged hunting crime or are facing charges relating to commercial fishing, our firm can help. Do not face judge and jury alone. Let us protect your rights and fight for your interest. 

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